Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Banked Time

Can I please cash in some of the sleep-hours that I have logged over the course of the past four years now? The days are no longer long enough to contain all that I want to do.

Isn't that about the best problem a person can have? Not enough hours in the day.

Not enough time to do all that must-be-done, plus all that you want-to-do, plus time to bring people into your day, plus time-to-yourself, plus time to sleep at the end of all of that.

It is an equation that shifts and change throughout our days and our life. The ratio of must-do-items verses want-to-do-activities (with enough time left over to sleep).

I have been keeping uncharacteristically late hours this past little while. At first, I was giddy with myself thinking "This is what I used to do all of the time! I can still do this!!" Then morning came. And I felt like I had been hit by a freight train.

Though I was a bit of a train wreck the next morning, as the fog lifted and my brain woke up I felt the spark that kept me awake the night prior. It ignited, I hopped out of bed (well, let's just use that word "hop" lightly ... I don't seem to 'hop' anywhere too speedily these days) and was eager to continue where I last left off. Or grab my first cup of coffee. Whichever came first.

I laid in bed this morning thinking of the day that I have ahead of me today. Where can I bank some sleep so that I can enjoy this day to the fullest without having that hit-by-a-freight-train hangover tomorrow morning? So I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock for an extra hour. Does a wakeful sleep in ten minute increments count? I think so. Because my brain woke up fully alert and ready to go. My body followed.

I have a busy day on my agenda. Will I have time to pick up that milk and coffee that have been on my list for the past five days? Tune in tomorrow and find out!

It feels good to be back ...

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