Saturday, July 12, 2014

Revving Up For the Day

I am revving up for the day ahead of me. I did 'hard things' last night, in preparation for today.

The grass is trimmed and mowed. My hair is washed. The house is vacuumed and evidence of our daycare-week has been erased. I have two errands to run and an evening-out on today's agenda ...

Try as I might, I can never succeed in clearing the slate completely. There is always something left over for another day.

Last week, I felt sluggish all week long because each and every day ended with one-more-hard-thing. Anything that involves leaving the house is 'hard'. Washing my hair is hard.

Last weekend ended with the knowledge that I had not accomplished anything outside of the house and it left me feeling depleted all week. I don't want another week like that.

I simply want to sit on our deck outside at the end of my weekdays and breathe in the quietness of the evening. I want to read, to write and to visit from the comfort of my own home and enjoy that-which-I-have.

I am one week away from my holiday. I do not want my holiday to be consumed with out-of-house excursions. I am taking four days at the beginning of my holiday, to give to myself. I will nourish myself with whatever is in the house and immerse myself in that-which-I-want-to-do. I want to write, polish, edit and finish off Draft #2 of my dad's family's Book Project.

My mind is scattered all across the map and back. It is time to sit still and centre myself. I am going to sit down with my dad's chapter of The Book and see if I can remember the edits that I made last week and lost ...

Sigh ... what is happening to my computer-saving-abilities?!? One of these days I am going to make an error that I am going to regret. My old computer is still out of commission and as of my last update, my computer-guy was optimistic that 'all was not lost'.

Save your work, girl! Even back-ups are not fool-proof. I am learning these lessons along the way but thankfully I have been insulated from Great Loss. So far.

This post took a new turn when I was about to end it. I could edit and shorten it or I could post it as-it-is and just carry on with the day ahead of me.

I have a few chapters in me today. I can feel them coming to the surface. I hope. Maybe I should save my work (how do I save that-which-is-in-my-head?) before I lose that too.

I wrote that sentence then grabbed a scrap of paper so that I could make note of the deep thoughts I was thinking while I mowed the lawn last night. I will want them at-the-ready one day soon...

Gotta end this post-about-nothing and accomplish something with this day.

Happy Saturday to You! May you be doing exactly what you want to be doing with this day. Or at least get it done early enough so that you have a parcel of time at some point, just to sit still and inhale the moment.

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