Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Wonderful World of Marvel Comic Book Movies

My Youngest Son and I went to see "Guardians of the Galaxy" last night. It was yet another movie from the Marvel comic book series of movies that I have (accidentally) found myself enjoying as my son grew out of Disney animated films and into the super hero faze (that he may never truly grow out of).

My son's love of Spiderman in and around the age of four has gone forth and multiplied as the years went on. As I googled the list of movies based on Marvel Comics, I can honestly say that I have watched twenty five out of a possible thirty four Marvel movies that have been made since the year 2000.

As we walked into the theatre, I noticed a sign asking "Does your job get you free movies?" and I asked my son if he had considered applying for a job there. He kind of shrugged and looked like he may half consider the idea. Seconds later, he noticed a good friend of his working behind the concession stand. I am thinking that the wheels may have turned a little longer as he now knows someone on 'the inside' ...

Soon thereafter we were settled into our seats and the show began.

Each and (almost) every time I have sat down to watch 'The Hulk' or 'X-Men' or 'Thor' or any of the movies I have watched in the past, I expect to be disappointed. Each and every time, I find myself swept up in the plot and enjoying the humor and unexpected little perks (growing up and watching the Incredible Hulk on TV made me appreciate the fact that they gave Bill Bixby a cameo role in the movie version of the series).

Last night was no different.

As the story began I thought I simply couldn't get swept into the plot line. Then they turned on a soundtrack of music that brought something completely happy and carefree to my subconscious mind. Even though the main character was in a foreign land in a galaxy far, far away. The happy music from my past captivated me.

Then the oddball cast started to find each other.

Who would ever think that they could love an alien 'tree thing' character who repeated the same three words. Always in the same order? I will never look at a tree in the same way again. In fact, a tree branch reached out and hugged me as I navigated myself into the car after the show. I honestly had to look back to see it was just a branch. There was a small embrace. Really!

I found myself laughing. Out loud. Alone. In a theatre filled with people, at things that no one else 'got' or considered funny (it must have been the age-thing).

Laughter came easy last night. I must have been in the mood and my funny bone was extremely ticklish. Because it felt so very good to laugh. Out loud. Even alone.

Thank you, Marvel. Once again, you did not disappoint.

As we sat in the dark theatre, waiting for the film clip they always toss in at the very end of the long, long list of the bazillion people it takes to create these amazing films I told my son "If you started working here, you wouldn't need me to come along and watch these movies with you ..."

I felt a little lost and forelorn. As I jokingly complain that the last four movies I have seen have been "Captain America"; "Spiderman 2"; "X-Men" and now "Guardians of the Galaxy" and sigh in exasperation that I really, really want to see a 'chick flick', I know (without a doubt) I will miss these days when they are gone.

Thank you Marvel! You have extended my movie-going-pleasure with my sixteen year old son. For some reason, I can actually picture him inviting me along when he starts introducing his own children to the Wonderful World of Marvel Comic Book movies.

I look forward to the day.

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