Thursday, August 25, 2011

It Was a Very Good Day

Today was a good day.

It was a day that started with a co-worker asking if I would like some advise. I said “YES!”

Simple words. Kind words. Suggestions. Little things.

I took her advise, lived the day and made the best of every opportunity.

I am meeting so many new people. It is overwhelming … yet intoxicating. I feel the school spirit and an underlying belief in doing everything that we can to make the school experience a positive one for our students. Our school population is diverse and the diversity is celebrated.

I love listening to my co-workers. I am listening for positive and that is what I am hearing.

Someone asked me today how it was going. I told them that if they’ll have me, I’m a ‘lifer’. I like what I see, feel and hear within my new work environment. I foresee working here for a very, very long time ...

My day could not ended better.

A teacher thanked me for going out of my way to ensure that she received a message. She told me it was very important that this person got in touch with her. A little thing. But huge.

I thanked my co-worker who had started my day by asking if she could make a suggestion. She looked me in the eye and gave me a heart felt "Your welcome!"
Little things. That's what it is all about.
It was a most excellent day.

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