Monday, December 3, 2012

Burying My Head in the Snow

I hibernated yesterday.

I slept in. Then I got up and found the couch. I dozed intermittently throughout the morning and early afternoon.

I didn't open the blinds until the afternoon. It was snowing lightly outside. Kinda pretty in fact. Though my son was ever-watchful of the amount of snow that was amassing on the ground, I kept my eyes upward. Snow is very pretty if you don't have to deal with what falls on the streets and sidewalks.

I got up this morning and eventually remembered to look outside. This is the view from outside our front door:

I am so very, very glad that I work from home!

Even our snowmen look a little snowed in ...

Be careful out there. Be grateful if you don't have to venture out and are able to just sit back and enjoy the view ...

Welcome to December!

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