Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bewitched and Beguiled

We have just returned home from a fun-filled evening. My Son and I joined My Friend (and her family and friends) for an interactive dinner/musical theatre event. It was wonderful.

Something strange and wonderful happened from the moment that we sat down at our table. It happened ever-so-slowly. It was barely perceptible.

Was it the pre-dinner musical numbers that started drawing us in? Was it the cast of characters that interacted with us and took our orders and intermingled with each of us? Was it the ambiance within a room full of strangers that were also cast under this spell?

I don't know when it happened or how. But before long, I was captivated by the entirety of the evening.

Live entertainment of any sort fascinates me. I am bewitched and beguiled by those that are performing and creating a world where I forget about everything except the magic that is unfolding before me.

This dinner theatre went above and beyond. Our waiters and waitresses for the evening were in character and changed costumes with every course. They were back-up dancers and part of the cast and crew.

Our play was based on the music of the late 1950 and 1960's. It was all familiar, fun and oh-so-catchy!

The story line was one that anyone who has had a childhood crush, could relate to. The characters were little bits and pieces of all of us. The little insecurities that we all have were magnified and personified so completely.

The play we saw was based on a ten year reunion. They flashed back to ten years ago, which set the stage for the beginning and end of the play. Those flashbacks. They tugged at my memories and drew me right into the storyline.

I will be attending my high school reunion in seven weeks. I can feel the school girl within me starting to resurface as the weeks progress. Watching this play at this particular time makes me feel that dreams can make wishes come true.

I will come back down to earth and walk with mortals tomorrow. But for tonight, I am going to dream the impossible dream. I will face reality when I open my eyes. But for this moment in time, I'm going to revel in the memories that resurfaced within the music, the expressions and the characters that enveloped my world tonight.

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