Thursday, September 12, 2013

The High Cost of Waking Hours

I am not lovin' this whole September/back-to-school thing. It is getting old. Fast. And we aren't even half way through the month.

First off, who went and shortened the days so quickly? My alarm goes off and it is still pitch black outside. What's with that? I need the sunshine to bask through the slats of my blinds and beckon to me. Pitch blackness ... you are not my friend. Not to mention the fact that the sun is setting as I eat supper. Yes, I know I could be eating earlier. But life just keeps getting in the way of that happening. I eat supper and want to go to bed. The end.

I have been quietly protesting the dark mornings by sleeping in. Then that messes with the whole system this family has (namely me), where I spend one solid hour alone before the rest of the world wakes up. Normally I would still have a little wiggle room but My Youngest is back in school which means he is waking up during (what is normally) my last hour of relative quiet. I must share the bathroom. Sometimes I must speak. Usually I have to give up the computer.

We brought in the month of September with our whole Fence Project going backwards. The financial aspect is taking its sweet time in becoming resolved. I am more than a little unsettled by the precarious balance my finances will be in if this is not soon remedied. I accidentally got a full view of my financial state of affairs this morning and it knocked the wind out of me. Scary stuff, this living-on-the-edge-business. I don't think I'll play this game again.

Our Senior Cat has been doctoring for his pneumonia this past month which just one more concern that I can't simply put to rest. We went back for a check-up tonight to see how he is progressing. Unfortunately his lungs still aren't what they should be. She said maybe 60% ... but at least he is improving. Slowly. We are continuing his antibiotic treatment and our next course of action will probably be steroids. There is much we don't know and there is a possibility that he could be battling cancer. At this point, I just want him to feel as good as he possibly can.

Our kitty-cats seem to be waging a little contest amongst themselves to see how much money they can cost us in the shortest amount of time. Our Junior Cat came into our lives and nickel and dimed us up to a grand total not exceeding $500.00 over the course of the first month he adopted us. Senior Cat was not to be outdone. He has exceeded the $500.00 mark in less than one month. He wins. I think I'm losing. Do you see why this entire fence-deal-gone-bad is feeling worse by the moment?

Tonight, My Youngest returned home from school without his wallet. Thankfully he has only three cards to replace. His bus pass (replacement cost $5.00); his learner's license (replacement cost $10.00); last year's school I.D. (which will be updated any day now - NO cost); a house key; and just over a dollar in change. Not to mention the new wallet he will need. I think he must have been subconsciously feeling left out of the competition that our cats were having and was hoping to exceed all their expenses. By the time I add up his new school wardrobe (I think he may end up being the tallest of our family - he is outgrowing his clothes faster than either of his brothers ever did); school supplies & fees; and general maintenance I'm sure I could soon tally up a total that may scare me.

It's truly no wonder that I want to sleep my mornings and evenings away. It is far too expensive to stay awake!

Morning blogging just hasn't been happening and the sun setting on my evening hasn't assisted my ability to put words into sentences in the evening either. So this is just a little up-to-the-minute update on life as I know it.

Tomorrow must be the turn around day. I wrote my mom a letter and post-dated it for tomorrow, telling her how I planned for everything to all work out by Friday. I should have kept a copy of that letter for myself. From what I can remember, tomorrow is going to be quite a day!! I can't wait for the sun to shine down upon our Friday and see what we have to deal with at the day's end.

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