Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blissfully Quiet

I don't have a little story to tell this morning.

Yesterday was an easy day. It has been a pretty easy week within my Daycare World, as one of my daycare charges will be away for two weeks. His dynamic is going to be missed before he returns, but at the moment ... it is quite enjoyable.

I had time to putter yesterday.

I used to be able to putter at things a lot within my Daycare Days (Part I). Daycare, The Sequel has been a whole new ball game. Year One was filled with 1 & 2 year olds.  Year Two is presently 2 & 3 year olds, with two, 1 year olds on the list of Coming Attractions. Those little people require a lot of attention!

So yes, I enjoyed the quiet.

I am trying to come up with a play space downstairs. We have one large room that has been dubbed The Playroom from Daycare, Part I. It hasn't been a playroom for a very long time. Its new name has been Storage Area.

It felt good to do a little bit of extra curricular housework (as I started organizing our new/old playroom) within my day.

I actually had energy left over at the end of the day yesterday. I have been putting off getting groceries for close to a week. The longer I wait, the bigger the job becomes. I was thrilled to have a very small list of items. I was less than thrilled to leave the store with a full cart (kitty litter and five, 4-litre jugs of milk will do that to a cart).

My Son found a laser pointer in the cat aisle.

We returned from our shopping trip and My Son immediately unpacked the laser pointer and shone it across the kitchen floor. Our Senior Cat forgot everything else in the world as he re-enacted his youth and chased the little red dot on the floor like a kitten.

Our Junior Cat had never seen such a thing. The look on his face as he watched this little dot of light dart around him was hilarious. Junior Cat doesn't do 'new' well. He likes things to stay the same and he very much likes to know what to expect within his environment. He likes to be the one to make the moves. So when this little ray of light started dancing around him, he didn't quite know what to think.

My Son and Junior Cat disappeared for a while. Within the safe confines of My Son's room (Junior Cat's haven), they played 'laser tag'. Junior Cat became quite familiar with this hypnotic little game.

A while later, all four of us (the cats, My Son and I) congregated in the living room to watch the Laser Cat Show.

Senior Cat played out quickly but he made quite a few laps around the living room before he had to take a rest. Junior Cat took over at that point but after Senior caught his breath, he had one last spurt of energy as they played a joint game of chase-the-light.

Senior Cat's medication has been adjusted and it seems to have given him more energy and a renewed lease on life. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that this is our answer.

I'm tucking away the laughter and joy that we get every single time Senior Cat regains a piece of his old self back. These good times don't last forever so it is wise to cherish the moments.

Senior Cat's favorite time of day? Snuggle time with the kids.
He even endured a little tug on the whiskers without blinking an eye.  What a guy!

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