Thursday, October 17, 2013

Three Days

Three days of weekend was absolutely wonderful.

I wanted to work on my book project but I could feel a pull to accomplish that-which-has-been-ignored around here for the past year (or four), so I made one promise to myself. "You are not allowed to waste a day!"

So I didn't.

I allowed myself time to sit still and nurture that-which-fills-me-up. A small dose of Gilmore Girls; an inspirational YouTube video; writing; a day-with-a-friend; and simply being still and quiet with my thoughts.

I segued into bigger tasks by doing 'just one thing' that was the catalyst to breaking a big job into small pieces. I sprayed the oven with oven cleaner before I sat down with my breakfast one morning. I emptied all of the small packets of ketchup into the ketchup bottle another day. I bought large storage containers to start to organize and create a downstairs play space for the kids over the winter. I washed the outside of the windows.

In and of themselves, each one of these accomplishments were small. But accomplishing one thing makes the next thing a little bit easier.

I was the tortoise in the fable 'The Tortoise and the Hare". Slow but steady wins the race.

I didn't win any race. There is no outward difference to the cleanliness of our house. I started and finished many large projects within the kitchen but the entire kitchen is not clean. But I know what I accomplished. Those big, unstarted, unfinished jobs were weighing on my mind. They were taking up space and now there is a vacancy sign within. I have room to take on more.

Our house may not look any different but my mind feels ever-so-much-more uncluttered. I know what I have to do to really 'clean house' within. 

If only I had three more days ...

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