Saturday, November 23, 2013

And These ... Are the Days in My Life

My Daycare Days have been pretty crazy lately. Losing 'quiet time' has been a sacrifice that I wasn't really prepared for. I have been fighting to regain that sense of calm within the storm for three weeks now. Yesterday??? I think I won. 

Here are a few scenes from My Day:

Senior Cat races upstairs as soon as he hears things settle down. He eyes up a piece of the couch to call his own (usually at my side) and nestles into whatever crack or crevice  he can find.
Where there are quiet children and body heat (and me) ... there is our Senior Cat. Lapping up the quiet right along with me.
Kids are all in bed. Senior Cat is on my lap. We are both lovin' the moment while it lasts ...
... and it doesn't last long. Junior Cat sensed the peace that reigned in the floor above him and came to stir things up a little.
This is typical of the way our two cats 'snuggle'. There is always something between the two of them ... but they are often within the same close proximity of each other. And it is still quiet. Do you hear the quiet?? 
The kids are stirring but they are still quiet and in a very restful state. While I give The Youngest his after-nap bottle, The Oldest woke from her nap and took over the last piece of couch that remained (Senior Cat had already staked his claim on the little triangle between me and the back of the sofa).

And so are the days of my life. If I can find a small bit of tranquillity among the chaos of the day, I will be all right.

All I can hope for is 'more of the same' in the days and weeks that follow.

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