Monday, December 16, 2013

Alone Time

I spent the weekend in relative solitude. I recall talking with my Youngest Son. I exchanged instructions with my Bookkeeping Boss. A few words here and there to those I passed by. But for the most part, I was alone all weekend. And I didn't even realize it.

I am a solitary soul at the best of times. If I am pushed out of my comfort zone too often and for too long, I get kind of squirmish inside. I like my space. I need it.

As I recall the events of the weekend, it feels like every moment was consumed with something. From the mundane (house cleaning and snow shovelling) to the necessary (grocery shopping and bookkeeping) to tending to 'Christmas' in the very low key way in which I celebrate ...

Writing. For a person who does not enjoy the pressures that the Christmas season brings, I seem to reap a lot of benefits from that-which-I-do. Christmas cards and letters. Christmas projects of the wordy kind. Writing, writing, writing. I never feel alone when I release 'words' into the universe.

I entertain myself so completely and fully and have complete conversations with myself as I write. So at the end of a very busy weekend, I was actually quite surprised that I was alone 99% of the time. Who knew?

May you live a life where your own company is good enough to keep you going as one day unfolds into the next. Really (as my friend so succinctly phrased it), "... we really are all alone in this world no matter how many people surround us ...", so it is important to enjoy your own company.

"Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own." ~ Oprah

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