Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Keeping Thoughts Positive

First and foremost, I apologize for yesterday's rant. I almost went back and deleted the post in its entirety. But ... I didn't. Sometimes small truths (that I can't hear within the clutter of my mind) seep out of my fingertips and I see things more clearly once I've allowed my brain to fingertip connection to run freely. So I left it.

I do believe that a person sees what they need to see, when they see it. Yesterday, this found its way into my line of vision:

From that moment on, I consciously tried to monitor my thoughts. I am transparent. I know that I wear my thoughts on my face as clear as day. So I tried to think better thoughts (then I let my Wild Child fall into a natural state of slumber before my very eyes and I felt oh-so-much calmer) ...

I played music yesterday. All day. Music calms me. Jeffery Straker makes me happy from the inside, out. Patty Shukla is my favorite for the kids. We sing. We dance. We jump. We even scream (only when directed by the music!!). We release our inner selves as we lose ourselves in the music. 

By the day's end, I was at peace. I sat on the floor as my three little people (my little dancing one-year-old package of joy had already gone home) sat on the couch with their various babies, blankets and the LeapPad. Three sets of feet sat before me. I tickled feet. The kids smiled genuinely happy smiles. We tittered. We laughed. We ended our day on a (musical) note of happy.

Little ideas are coming to the forefront of my mind. Christmas stuff. Creative little morsels of 'maybe this will work'. 

December is not my favorite month. It forces me to do what I endeavor to do all year. To give of myself. I like when the sense of giving trickles out of me like a good mood. I do not like it when I let the expectations of the Christmas season make me feel inadequate and empty.

In the end, I am always grateful for that little push to go beyond what is expected. It is not a bad idea to feel that 'push' from time to time. It helps us become more of who we are to begin with. 

We are four days into the month of December. The world is providing me what I need to see to get through this season that has the power to deplete me. 

It is a little bit like my Daycare Family. They push me to places that I need to be. I see more and feel more because I am surrounded with fun-loving, innocent bundles of joy and happiness. These (sometimes) sleep deprived little parcels of energy also have the power to deplete me. 

The key (for me) is getting a good night's sleep and waking up with the attitude that I can do it all over again. Only better. Life always seems to give me an opportunity for a re-do. It is up to me to make the most of it. 

I will try it all over again today. And the day after that. And the day after that ...

We are very fortunate that life is full of second chances. We are very wise indeed, when we make the most of what we are given.

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