Sunday, September 7, 2014

The End ... Is it Near?

After a good, solid day of working on my family book project yesterday, I fear the end is not close enough. There is so much more I can do.

For every delay and set back, there is a positive. Always.

I devoted a day to 'filling in the blanks' for one of my uncle's chapters. I hope he is as thrilled as I am, at some of the little treasures I found along the way. If 'all had gone according to plan', I wouldn't have had to go on this scavenger hunt which unearthed more than I could have ever imagined.

Has this put me behind my (self imposed) schedule by a day? Yes. But it is for the greater good.

All the way through this project, I kept telling myself "There is a reason for it taking so long. There is always a reason..."

I know the real reason is plain and simple. Procrastination. Putting off until next year, what could have been done five years ago is the reality behind my delays. But even so, I am glad I didn't rush through this.

Even though I can see the end now, I am afraid I may miss something that should be included. I suppose that is why this uncle's chapter was almost a gift. Now I can feel as though I have 'found' that which was missing.

I am presently shuffling through my notes, old emails and our home town history book in search of that-which-should-be-included. I am running the final lap and I am still searching.

I have unanswered emails out there that I hope come back to me in time. Maybe 'those' are the words that will put an end to this work-in-progress.

In all honesty, I know the final two words which must go at the end of this book. No, not "The End". The two words which must end my commitment to this piece of work must be "Good Enough". But can I add a P.S.? ... (for now).

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