Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday is a Very Good Day to Conquer the World

I hate when little, pesky annoying things intrude upon a regular, ordinary day and make the day all about "pest control" instead of accomplishing great things. Or even just surviving the day and accomplishing one small item on the never ending to-do list of life.

As I walked innocently into the day yesterday, I received word that "I" had sent out some more annoying "phishing" types of emails to a group of family members. Again.

I contacted my email provider in the hope of finding a check list of what to do in a case of someone infiltrating your email account and I was sorely disappointed. "Google" provided a more comprehensive list of things to do and check.

So I devoted more time than was allotted to that task in the middle of a day where my sole purpose is supposed to be tending to children. I could have done the leg work and started changing passwords (again!) when my kids went down for their naps but I didn't. I went on strike instead.

I tuned out the "hackers" of the world and turned on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Then I nodded off to sleep and slept lightly while I had time. "Life" would still be awaiting me at the end of my daycare day. It wasn't going anywhere.

"Life" weighs heavy on my mind when I can't deal with things as they come along. I hate putting things on hold. I prefer it when I can tie things up neatly with a bow and cast it aside.

There was far too much untended business to deal with at the day's end.

Like a typical procrastinator, I started with the thing that mattered the least. I vacuumed. Then cleaned cat litter. Then made supper. While supper was cooking, I took apart and cleaned out the cat's water fountain. Yup. I took care of all the hard stuff first.

After a supper and Grey's Anatomy break, I pulled up my socks (yes, I need socks now that the temperature has dipped and my sock stockpile is not large enough to get me through the week) and I tended to business.

First off (still procrastinating, but in a productive manner), I deleted all my ads off Kijiji and relisted them on an auction site. Is it possible that my friendly neighborhood hacker is one of the hundreds who has responded to a Kijiji ad??

And finally, finally, finally I changed all my passwords and double checked that which I had already checked right after I found out my email had been "compromised".

I woke up this morning with a relatively clean slate. As long as nothing unexpected comes along, this day should go pretty much as planned. I could very well tie a few things up with a bow and mail them off.

Tending to "big things" like paperwork and taxes and details isn't impossible. In fact, if I didn't have to deal with the little pesky "mosquitoes" hacking into innocent people's emails, those "big things" wouldn't feel so large.

As it is with life, it is the little stuff that weighs you down just as much or more than the big stuff.

I shall put on my "mosquito spray" and forge through the forest today. It is Wednesday. Wednesday is usually my break through day. The day where I have recovered from the work-weekend which has depleted me and I haven't geared up and gotten myself into a tizzy over the upcoming work-weekend.

Wednesday is a good day to conquer the world. And so I shall.

And so ends the post about nothing.

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