Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Free Fall is Over

Three weeks to the day that I handed in my resignation (took my Leap of Faith) ... I got the job that I had my hopes set on.

My 'leap' was preceded by a phone call. I called the school board and talked to some wonderful, encouraging soul in their Human Resources department. When I told her who I was, what I had to offer and explained my fervent desire to work for the school system, she made me feel like I had a good shot at succeeding.

As a result of that conversation, I handed in my resignation at my job and gave two weeks notice. I felt positive that placing that extra pressure of needing a job would finally propel me out of a situation that had been going downhill for a very long time.

I have enjoyed a small bit of the view as I have made my free fall towards the earth. But for the most part, it has quite honestly been a frightening descent (as I felt my faith in my parachute wavering).

Now that my parachute has finally opened, I am in awe of the panorama before me. Glancing back to where I was ... but looking forward and savoring the glimpse of what is yet to come. The landing may be bumpy, but I've survived much worse than this.

I'm wafting in the security of knowing that parachute was always there. I just didn't know if I could count on it opening soon enough.

The free fall is over. I have a small window of time to just appreciate the sensation of wafting down to earth before I am faced with the reality of landing.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" ... it is far easier to say than to follow through on those four words of wisdom.

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