Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thyme on My Hands

I not only found the thyme I was looking for yesterday morning but I found a little extra time this morning. Whew!

I have time on my hands but so little to say. The only thoughts whirling through my head at the moment are the things-I-have-to-do before my daycare family starts to arrive.

I am busy.

But it must be the right kind of busy because I am (finally!) feeling energized. It has been a long time coming but I think (I think) it is back.

My daycare days are a bit of a blur. These guys keep me hopping but (for the most part) I'm rolling with it. There is noise, confusion, crying and a sense of 'too much' at times. But (this is big) we seem to have hit a point in the day where there is 'synchronized sleeping' going on. One hour of quiet does a lot for a person. Namely 'me'.

My weekend employment is (maybe) slowing down to one-day-per-weekend instead of two. One day. I have wasted oh-so-many-days but now that I know the value of a day maybe I can invest it wisely. I have oh-so-much to do.

The family memories that I have been working on? They have been all but forgotten since my summer vacation. Now that I have 'gained' a day and found my energy and enthusiasm again ... maybe I can start whittling away at that little project.

Then there is Christmas. Is anyone else out there as 'down' on Christmas as I am this year (this has been getting progressively worse each and every year)? I have many reasons behind this feeling. One of which (for the first time in forever) ... is not money. Christmas has never been all about the material gifts for me. It is more about gifts from the heart. An investment of time and effort verses money. Which brings me back to the beginning of where my head was at when I started writing this post-about-nothing.


There doesn't seem to be enough to go around these days. But the less time I have ... the more I get done. So I think that oddball equation is going to work out for me in the end.

One Hour (or so) of Quiet (in the midst of my daycare day) + One Day Off (per weekend) = Time to Breathe In + Time to Exhale.

Here is to hoping that I am inhaling enough good air so that I can breathe out something worth reading. Christmas letters, Christmas articles and assembling the research that I have accumulated are weighing heavy on my mind.

Time. Is there ever really enough??

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