Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unexpected Blessings

There is an upside to most everything if you look hard enough. 

The weather forecast for this weekend has been cold, cold, cold. Rumors were that the temperature was going to dip to -60 degrees (with the wind chill). I don't think that it went below -50 though ...

Now why am I talking about the weather? Perhaps it is because I have the best jobs on earth. I run my daycare from home, I write from home and I have a bookkeeping boss that calls me and tells me "No one should be out in this weather ... don't come in to work."

I was granted an unexpected day off yesterday. Added to a day off that I knew was coming (that would be today) and I had an entire weekend at my disposal. As luck would have it, I have next weekend off as well.

So .... I dumped all of the toys out of the toy room, into the spare room ...
 ... and cleared myself some 'office space' ...
... and I am investing my unexpected free time on my Book Project. It is going slowly. But faster than it would, if I had worked yesterday.

I love this weather!! It granted me an unanticipated day off. 

What unexpected blessing have you found within the minor inconveniences of your life today??

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