Sunday, January 18, 2015

Small Town Connections

I met with a new daycare family yesterday.

They found me via my website and advertising on a daycare listings site. After we had corresponded several times and decided we both felt like this could be a good 'fit' for each one of us, we discovered that our origins are from the same small town (population 118, according to 2006 census stats).

We knew many of the same people. We are semi-sorta-related through marriage (my sister is married to his dad's cousin). His parents know my cousin's family well. They heard about 'who I was' before they even met me.

What more could you ask for, when seeking daycare for your infant??

This happened one other time. The difference was that my other small-town-connection was via a referral.

But the connections we discovered once we met face-to-face were amazing to each of us.

We not only had the same small-town-origins, but her grandmother taught me piano (and just happened to be living with this family at the time), we shared the same birth date and our 'significant others' ended up working at the same place of business. When we went to a Christmas party at this place of business, one of my class-mates (from this very same home town) worked at the same place of business.

This small town connection seems to be a guiding force in my life.

I rekindled a friendship with my first-ever-best-friend-in-the-world after we met up again at our mutual home town's reunion almost nine years ago.

My dad's family ended up calling this their home town and most of Dad's brothers still live there. I managed to weave myself into their lives as I documented the 'story of their lives' over the course of the past six years.

I moved away from our small town community when I was nine years old and the past eight years have brought me back 'home' on so very many levels that I know 'this' is exactly where I am meant to be.

When a town, as small as our home-town, continues to reach out and touch me in up close and personal ways it continues to reaffirm that I have made many right choices within this life of mine.

The feeling of that small town community continues to envelope me into that small, safe world of my childhood. It keeps beckoning to me.

I wrote about this little dream of mine a long time ago:

I can still bring up the image of that dream in my mind's eye. The way that small little town we called 'home' keeps calling to me, I feel like nothing is impossible...

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