Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reigniting the Spark

I am quite looking forward to some "wasted days" sometime in the near future. My mind has been busy tending to the details of life for a few weeks now and it is rather exhausting.

Our family is having another reunion this upcoming weekend and I seem to have volunteered myself to take care of a few things. My challenge is to be done everything I need to do before Mom arrives in two days. Once she is here I need to make my job look as simple as packing a bag and leaving.

Thus, I cannot turn off my brain at the moment.

This is good though. I completely shut down when asked to bake or cook or do anything that resembles my day job.

One of the things the reunion committee needed was someone to come up with games for the kids. "NOT me!!" was all I could think as I felt more doors in my brain slam shut. I cannot volunteer to cook, bake or take care of children when I am off the clock. I can do "all of the above" but please don't expect it of me.

Ask me to do something a tiny bit "creative" and come up with a photo montage of our family and I'm all over that. It doesn't even feel like work.

As I drove home from Mom's a few days ago, my mind was full of thoughts, words and ideas. I came home and actually acted on a few of them.

There don't seem to be enough hours in the day lately. I like feeling like this. I've missed it.

I excel at doing nothing. But I feel better when I am required to tap into my creative juices. Something inside of me has come back to life. The question is, how do I keep this spark alive when I'm not trying to beat a deadline.

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