Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have reentered the 'holey' zone in my life. Not to be confused with 'holy'. It is truly a 'holey' time.

I have been wearing out socks so fast that I thought that maybe I should recheck the packaging. Have socks become disposable? Like Bic pens and Bic disposable lighters ... have I been buying Bic socks?!?

Then I looked down at the knees of my pants yesterday. I have no idea why I looked. Perhaps it was because it felt a little breezy? But I found a hole in the knee of my 'brand new' pants. Okay, okay ... I bought them in November. But honestly! I am not two years old any more. The knees on my pants should last longer than the winter season (yes, it is still winter here!!).

Then I thought about my life. I do put a lot of miles on these feet of mine. I should wear a pedometer for a few days and see how many miles I track in a day. Maybe my socks are wearing out for a reason?

As I crawled across the floor to retrieve a toy for the kids (or for myself ... who knows these days??), the thought did cross my mind that I will wear out the knees of my pants prematurely if I keep doing this. Apparently I have been crawling a little more than I remember. Then again, I have been doing a fair bit of falling (as I delivered flyers in snow encrusted, ice laden, rutty sidewalks over the course of 'winter'. Again! Winter is the common denominator).

Holes and winter. Holes and putting miles on this body.

Holes and the reason we acquire them ... sometimes a 'holey' life is the sign of a life well lived. It is those 'holes' that I fill with food, oversleeping and overspending are truly the holes to be wary of. Those holes of emptiness are the ones to watch for.

I am filling up the empty holes of interior of my life by wearing out holes in the exterior parts of my being. I think that there is a sense of balance in these holes that is starting to equal out.

Spring (soon to be followed by summer) is on its way. Soon I will not need to be wearing socks and long-legged pants will be too hot. Capris and bare feet will alleviate some of the holes in my life. Sunshine and fresh air will fill the others.

Oh, to live a life without 'holes'. It is a mighty big goal ... but I'm on my way.

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