Friday, June 7, 2013

Home ... There is No Place Like it!!

I must stay home tonight. And for the better half of tomorrow too. My Youngest is hosting a 'Birthday Sleepover' tonight and my role is easy. I must pick up a birthday cake and order pizza. Snacks and drinks have already been bought. I just have to be here. At home.

I have been gadding about far too much lately. It is exhausting. Even my daycare days seem to revolve around our daily walks (which take us out of the house for two or three hours at a time).

So the mere idea of being home-bound tonight and tomorrow makes me happy, happy, happy! What to do? What to do??

Unfortunately I have some bookkeeping work that must be done. I have been procrastinating long enough. That little pile of work has been shuffled onto and off of the kitchen table more often than I set the table for a meal. My work has made a lot of miles around this house but I have yet to open that little Pandora's file folder and tackle it. I must do that. First! So I can enjoy the remainder of my hours at home.

Then there are those books that have been begging to be read. My problem is that "Reading = Sleeping", so books continue to paralyze me. Maybe I will read. Maybe I won't.

There is yard work to do. Nothing fancy. Just mowing the lawn, weed control and a little trimming. Then again, rain is in the forecast. Maybe that will get done. Maybe it won't.

The exciting part for me, is that all options revolve around being home-bound. I don't really care what I accomplish. The reward and satisfaction comes from being home. And staying here. There is truly no place in the world that I would rather be.

I know what a gift that I have. To have a home that is an oasis to me. Once again, I can say with all honesty "Everything that is important to me, is contained within these four walls. My family. My work. My life. It is all within arm's reach."

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home ...

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