Friday, July 12, 2013

Tips and Tricks for Dealing With Life (or Quicksand)

The week has been a hodge podge of emotions as I adjust to the changes within my daycare world (and by extension, my budget). I feel like I have been trudging through quicksand and trying very hard to relax so that I maintain my 'buoyancy' and not sink in any further by panicking. 

Life's little potholes and quicksand are eerily similar. I googled "How to get out of quicksand" and the steps that the article encompass a few life lessons as well. I will rename my interpretation of this advice to "How to pull yourself out of emotional overload":
  1. Avoid emotional overload. This can be done by crawling into bed and covering your head with a blanket. Or ... more practically by not diving into territory that has the potential to take over rational thought.
  2. Bring a large stick when visiting emotionally charged territory. Literally or figuratively ... it never hurts to bring along a tool to assist you if you get into trouble. Perhaps beating off your emotions with a stick may be a little futile. But hey! You never know until you try it.
  3. Drop everything if you find yourself in a situation where intense emotions take over. Hunker down and pool your resources. You don't know if you are in this for the long haul or if it is just a temporary blip. Focus your energy on that which needs attention (or see step one and crawl into bed with that blanket).
  4. Relax. Relaxing is always a good answer. Park yourself in front of your favorite mind numbing activity (on the couch, in front of the TV works for me). Then again it may be a good time to step outside and breathe in some fresh air and sunshine. Just avoid quicksand while you are out there.
  5. Breathe deeply. Breathing is always a good option. The length and depth of your breaths are good things to focus on when you are feeling your emotions getting the better of you. The quick intake of breath as you sob isn't a preferred coping mechanism. But cry if you must! Get it out. Then ... take ten deep, long breaths.
  6. Get on your back. Yes, laying back in front of the TV works well for me. Then again, simply surrendering to the moment is often the way to go. You don't sink too much further once you surrender. Feel it. Live it. Breathe it. Then ever-so-slowly, roll yourself over and crawl for solid ground.
  7. Take your time. Emotional breakdowns cannot be rushed. If you don't want to find yourself back in this same predicament time and time again.... take. your. time. And lay down in front of the TV when your emotions start to feel too intense. 
  8. Take frequent breaks. Breaks are always a good thing. Eat. Sleep. Be still. Nourish yourself in ways that fill the void within you. Dealing with emotional backlash is exhausting. Rest. You need it to get yourself through this. Do you see why I spend so much time in front of the TV??
  9. Use a stick (optional). Sometimes? It is the only way. Use that stick to defend yourself if you must. But better yet, extend it to one-that-you-trust and surrender to the fact that sometimes? Just sometimes ... you need a little help from a friend to pull yourself out of where-you-are-at.
The bonus of memorizing, living and breathing these steps if you find yourself in over your head in any circumstance? Is that you also know what you need to do if you ever get caught in quicksand.

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