Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hidden Treasures

Let it be known that I rarely say that I "clean". I tidy up, I declutter, I sort, I organize, I vacuum and I tend to a little dust and dirt I find along my way. But I rarely make the statement "I cleaned the house today". Or the car.

Recently, I did a little vacuuming and dusting inside of the car before I headed to Mom's one weekend. I also smudged the windows. I thought I cleaned them but I think all I did was create smears and rearranged the dirt.

I did not say I "cleaned" the car. It's more like I made it presentable for any passengers who may enter.

Last week I sold my second car. I didn't clean it either but I did remove my clutter and personal belongings from within and placed them in a flimsy plastic grocery bag and abandoned said bag on the floor for five days.

I was headed out the door last night and thought I may as well take that forgotten bag of "car stuff" and find a new home for it within my car.

In doing so, I opened a compartment between the driver and passenger seat which I have long neglected.

It appears I filled that space with take-out napkins until it was full, to overflowing, then found a new spot for the napkins.

I cannot remember the last time I looked in this spot.

Upon opening it up last night and discovering an envelope with my sister's writing on it, which said "Gas money", I would have to guess it has been long over a year ago.

The last time I dug through the napkins which lie within that space was when my sister told me that she and my other sister had left an envelope in that very compartment long after they were nestled back into their respective homes when I attended my school reunion in the fall of 2013.

You see, I tend to find these little "envelopes" when and where I least expect them:

I texted my sister when I made this discovery last night and wondered when in the world she left this envelope behind. All I could think of, when we last met for a "sister brunch" in April, I drove her back to my place but I certainly didn't use that much gas.

Well, apparently she left this in my car when I drove her an hour or so out of the city to meet up with our other sister to drive out to Mom's. In April of 2014. OVER a year ago!

I am one part amused and another part mortified. 

My sister now knows that I do NOT clean my car on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis. I rewound the tape in my mind and wondered if I ever "bragged" about cleaning. I thought, no, I rarely say I actually "clean" something. I wipe layers of dust off things. I pick my battles. I tidy and vacuum what shows. I do NOT do deep cleaning. 

But maybe I should. I have had a few guests in my house from time to time over the course of the past few years. Maybe there are more envelopes begging to be found. 

It could be like a treasure hunt!!

If nothing else, maybe I'll find our cat's lost ball and the missing piece of pizza that goes with the Little Tykes kitchen...

Hey, "Thanks, sis!! Sorry it took so long!"

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