Monday, December 21, 2015

Daycare Wonderland

I am working on little sleep and even less time, so here is one more poem/song from my 2015 Daycare Yearbook. As always, the job was a big one but one of the most rewarding accomplishments of the festive season. A year end recap is good for all of us. The good stuff tends to sift to the top and that is exactly what happened. Again. 

Daycare Wonderland
Children sing
I am listening
Winter's here,
Noses glistening.
Oh dear, what a sight,
They're happy despite
Cold season in our daycare wonderland.

Gone away, off to preschool 
Here to stay, is our new girl.
They sing their new songs,
As we hum along
Changes in our daycare wonderland.

When it's mild we can build a snowman
We'll pretend we're making Olaf too.
He'll say are you Elsa?

We'll say "Yes Man!"
And we can play with you
While you're all new.

Later on
They'll conspire
And they say, "We're not tired!"
But they fall asleep
They make not a peep
Resting in our daycare wonderland.

My ears ring
No one's listening
It's okay
All's forgiven.
When spring comes around,
We're happy and bound
Outside in our daycare wonderland.

Gone away, is the snow time
Here for now, is the spring time
We sing and we play
Outside all the day
Summer in our daycare wonderland.

In the summer we can play out longer
And pretend we're Sweeties, Mommies too.
We'll have lots of fun with everybody
Come back each day and start it all anew!

When we play,
ain't it thrilling?
With our friends, so fulfilling
We'll climb and we'll play, throughout the whole day
Playing in our daycare wonderland
Playing in our daycare wonderland.

**Inspired (stolen) by "Winter Wonderland"**

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