Saturday, April 13, 2013


I woke up this morning completely void of words and thoughts (deep, inane or otherwise). My body hurt (3.5 hours of dodging puddles and carrying loads of flyers last night, that far exceeded that-which-is-recommended) and I was numb. Inside and out.

I turned on the TV and followed where my interests led. I sat down with a book on my lap and read snippets of writing that captured my attention. A pen, a notebook, a newspaper and a cup of coffee were (still are) at my side.

I followed wherever my attention took me. I ended up here:

Feeling a little lost today? Watch this. Feeling a little empty? Read and absorb the world.

I will write more another day when the words are bubbling up inside me. Today, I am revelling in my imperfections (in a good way). It is okay to be imperfect. It is okay to admit it out loud. I am beginning to see that is why I feel such a connection to those who are a part of my world.

I am breathing in the world around me today. And it is good ...

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