Tuesday, November 4, 2014


After a weekend-well-spent, I am in no real hurry to rush through the paces of life and lose the magic of time spent nestled in among family.

This past weekend was a culmination of the past six years and two months, all wrapped up in one big gift with a bow to be slowly opened and enjoyed all weekend. And beyond...

It was my dad's family reunion. It was the weekend our book of family memories was dispersed. It was a weekend spent under one roof, where our needs were taken care of by the incredible people at Cedar Lodge (http://www.cedarlodge.org/). All we had to do was 'show up'.

We were saddened by those who wanted to come but could not attend. But we were more relieved to know that everyone was where they 'most needed to be' so they could be nurtured and cared for in the best way possible. Sometimes the tender loving care that a family can provide just isn't enough. It is hard to believe but it is true.

I felt like we were all wrapped in the arms of angels. All weekend. The sensation was overpowering and real. I walked into my room in the quiet of the first morning and I felt a 'hug' from beyond this physical plane. I knew in that instant "they are here ... they are with us". And they stayed and mingled all weekend.

You can take those words in whatever capacity you believe in. But to me, even in the most basic, elementary sense, our ancestors are woven into our physical and emotional bodies in the most intricate fashion possible.

Physical resemblances, mannerisms and personality traits are passed down the line unconsciously. I believe the best part of collecting and assembling the memories from both Mom and Dad's families, is the way I find myself woven into the tapestry of both families. I see and feel bits and pieces of myself, my siblings and my parents within the greater whole.

Stealing (and paraphrasing) a line from "Jerry Maguire", I can very openly and honestly say "My family 'completes me'."

I have not found myself looking for the love of my life to complete me. I have found myself within my family and I feel complete. I believe I have finally woven the loose ends of myself back into my soul and I am ready to go on from here.

There are so many stories, memories and anecdotes from this weekend past. I don't want to rush them outside of my memory and onto the page until I've had an opportunity to simply enjoy basking in the glow of being immersed in all-things-family. But I do want to write them down so they withstand the test of time (and lost memories).

I will be back with more. But for now, I am simply wafting gently back down to earth. I am enjoying the view as I make my way back down.

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