Friday, January 4, 2013

Doing Something Verses Doing Nothing

I went out to get a start at delivering flyers before my kids arrived this morning. My knees went week when I saw the spring/summer catalogues piled neatly outside of the container the flyers were in. I didn't expect that (additional) job today. I felt overwhelmed. I decided to go back inside and have breakfast before I took on the task. Then I went back. It was better to do some of the job before my Daycare Day officially began. I knew that I would never regret doing something over doing nothing.

I have been on the fringes of a family walking through their recent loss. At first I had no idea what I could do that could possibly make a difference. I talked myself into believing that doing something was better than doing nothing at all. I did little more than just 'show up' ... but the family was grateful for that simple act. I'm grateful I did something.

I researched and assembled Mom's family history/memories over the course of four months from start to finish. When I received the end result I was pleased that I had achieved what I set out to do but I wasn't really all that satisfied with the job that I did. When I took on the task of putting Dad's family memories together, I knew that I wanted to do a better job. The very thought of not doing the job until I could do it right took over my thoughts. So I have not completed the job. The research is all but done. But I couldn't put it together because I set the bar too high. So I have done nothing at all. This project has sat in its incomplete state for years. Doing nothing is not getting the job done.

Mom's family's book of memories and recollections is a tangible resource and source of stories and memories of Mom's sister that passed away this week. My aunt's words have been recorded and her voice rings true as exact quotes of what she said or wrote have been written in this family keepsake.

The book may not be perfect ... but it is complete. I may not have made any New Years resolutions or goals. But I must adopt this one phrase into my day-to-day life: "Doing something verses doing nothing wins every time!"

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